4 Must-See Ways To Use Essential Oils Everyday by Nutritional Superstar Tiffani Williams

Tiffani Williams’ Daily Essential Oils

1. Improve Digestion. Take ginger oil, peppermint oil and orange essential oil to aid digestion and heal a leaky gut.

2. Muscle Soreness Rub. Combine eucalyptus, wintergreen and cypress with an unscented lotion or coconut oil to muscles.

3. Remedy a Cold Fast.  Take 3 drops of Orange oil and oil of oregano 2-4 times daily for 1-2 weeks.

4. Weight loss & Appetite Suppressant. Combine grapefruit oil, ginger oil and cinnamon oil and take as a supplement 3x daily to support metabolism.

Essential oil Super Star Tiffani Williams says we’re living in the age of chemicals and her new line of USDA Organic oils are her secret to keeping her family healthy.

Is there woman out there who hasn’t struggled with staying healthy, happy and energized let alone their keeping their kids healthy?

“The whole idea of being in control of the products your family uses, that we have a choice is really what I believe in,” said Tiffani Williams, an essential oil expert who’s found out how to detoxify her life by creating simplicity with organic essential oils.  She’s been giving away her favorite oil from her new Organic line to jump start family’s essential oil use in the home.

The product is not just for busy moms like herself. “Oilganic is the sound of a revolution in natural solutions,” she says.  “Products in the aisles of your local supermarket are adding chemicals; I’m reducing them in your home.  Mine is a product that is replacing harm for a heal.

Tiffani with husband Mark

The essential oils come in a bottle that will last most families a month. Her favorite Orange oil, fights germs with a sweet smell even little kids enjoy.  The limited giveaway can be found on her website and will only run for the first 100 people.

Judging by her photos and videos, Williams a now 30 something year old with 3 busy boys all under the age of 5, is able to maintain her health and seemingly endless energy.  She’s quick to remind that her current vitality and figure didn’t just happen on their own, but that she demanded better for her and her family.  “As life gets busy“, she says “you have to create habits of healthy convenience.

The biggest mistake that women make is not preparing ahead of time when problems come” she said.  “We have the media to blame for leading us to believe that we need a new pill, chemical, or unknown substance to stay healthy.  The opposite is true, our body is crying out for us to decrease the amount of foreign chemicals we’re subjecting it to.

After growing up in a humble home with her parents and 1 sister Tiffani went on to study in the medical field, quickly finding a passion and natural ability in health.

“I was your classic all American girl,” she says.  “I was a bit of a tom boy growing up and loved going to baseball, football and basketball games with my dad at the local college.  I’m now taking my own boys to those games… which is crazy to think about.”

Williams married young and quickly had three children, each 2 years apart.  This was the driving force behind her passion for nutrition and now wants to share her secrets to health with others.

“I was like any other person that got caught up in the busyness of life,” she remembers.  She found herself married with 3 energetic boys (4 if you count her husband) without any experience on how to do it practically.  Studying in the medical field had not prepared her for this exactly.  The past 10 years have taught her what it really takes.

About a year ago she went into the consumer nutrition business herself.  “I’d studied the books and then fought on the front lines so I knew exactly what I would want my family to use and made that exact product,” she says. “I made this not as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, but as a sidekick to fight in your corner.  Now my boys ask for their side kick everyday.”

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