7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep With Essential Oils

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Sleep is under attack. I mean think about it. Most of us live hectic, high stress lives, we don’t get much time to unwind and when we do it’s usually by hopping on Facebook or watching TV. This is a recipe for poor sleep. Not only do television and internet land get us all ramped up and engaged, they also emit blue light which inhibits the natural release of melatonin in the brain.

How can we take control of our sleep again? You and I both know how important sleep is for health. Studies have linked sleep deprivation to so many ailments it’s not even funny. From the inability to lose weight, to depression and other mental health disorders.

Essential oils are the most useful tool we have to help us get a good night’s sleep. They calm our wired and overtired brains, relax our nervous systems, and stimulate deep relaxation.

Here are 7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep With Essential Oils

  • Set up a diffuser in your bedroom

  • A diffuser is a handy contraption that makes reaping the benefits of essentials oils easy. It works by diffusing the oils combined with water into a calming mist that fills the air with pleasant scents that can initiate deep relaxation in the body.


    The best oils to use for improving sleep quality are lavender, wild orange, and cedarwood. You can add any combination of these oils or use them on their own. Either way, setting up a diffuser beside your bed will make going to sleep a dreamy experience that you’ll look forward to.

    Diffusers are also great in kids rooms and can help mellow your children out without them even knowing. Lavender is perfectly safe for children and has other benefits like cleansing the air of harmful pathogens.

  • Make a lavender spray for your sheets and pillows

  • There are few things sweeter than climbing into nice fresh sheets and pillows. Nobody wants to wash their sheets daily, but you can freshen them up and improve your sleep with a rest inducing lavender spray.

    Bonus, this linen spray is also antimicrobial so it will help keep your sheets clean and fresh longer. Any excuse for less laundry, right?

    Lavender Linen Spray Recipe


    • ¼ C Witch hazel or vodka
    • ¼ C Pure water
    • 30 Drops lavender essential oil
    • Funnel
    • Small spray bottle


    1. Combine the witch hazel or vodka with water and lavender in a jar.
    2. Shake until thoroughly combine.
    3. Use the funnel to pour contents into a small shaker bottle
    4. Use daily to your hearts content for dreamier more restful sleeps.

  • Lavender eye pillows

  • You might not even know it, but sleeplessness and insomnia can be caused by too much light or light exposure before bed. Blocking out light has a way of kicking your brain’s melatonin production into high gear.

    These lavender eye pillows are great for creating total darkness as well as inducing relaxation with the gentle weight they put on the eyes and forehead. The added benefits of lavender infused in the pillow make it a great addition to your night time routine.

    To make these eye pillows requires modest sewing skills.


    ½ yard of organic cotton or silk

    ½ C flax seeds

    ½ C dry rice

    ½ C dried lavender

    10 drops lavender oil


    1. Cut two 4.5 by 10 inch rectangles.
    2. Place panels together (printed side up) and sew a ½ inch seam around the edges.
    3. Leave one of the smaller sides open.
    4. In a large bowl, combine flax, rice, dried lavender and lavender oil and mix well.
    5. Fill the eye pillow with this mixture and sew shut.

  • Release tension with eucalyptus and peppermint

  • As tension builds up in our muscles and joints throughout the day, it can be hard to release at night. Give yourself a muscle relaxing treat with eucalyptus and peppermint on any particularly sore, tight areas.

    Combine 10 drops of both eucalyptus and peppermint with 2 Tbs of your preferred carrier oil. I like to use coconut oil as it’s easy to spread and not as messy as pure liquid oils.

    Rub this mixture on the underside of your feet, on your temples, back, shoulders and neck and release into a deep restorative slumber.

  • Soothing lavender orange dream cream

  • A great alternative to the peppermint and eucalyptus rub is to make a soothing relaxation inducing dream cream. This is a great option for kids as well.

    Wild orange is great for soothing anxiety and stress. This cream is perfect anytime you’re feeling particularly stressed or anxious. It’s lovely to use after a bath for best absorption and benefits for the skin.

    It smells lovely paired with lavender and this combination is also great in the diffuser.

    Dream Cream Recipe


    1 C coconut oil, melted

    15 drops lavender essential oil

    15 drops orange essential oil


    1. Melt coconut oil.
    2. Transfer to a mixing bowl and place in the freezer until thoroughly chilled.
    3. Whip the coconut oil with an electric mixer until light and fluffy.
    4. Add essential oils and mix thoroughly.
    5. Store in a cool, shady spot as it will return to its liquid state if left in too warm a space.

  • Have a relaxing detox bath

  • If you have trouble relaxing before bed, a hot bath may be just the remedy you need. Bust out the epsom salts and essential oils. For best results, turn the lights down low, light some candles, make sure you’ve got plenty of water and put some serene tunes on. Luxuriate in your detox bath for at least 30 minutes to get the best results. Have your pajamas ready for you so that you can hop right into bed afterwards.


    Detox Bath Ingredients

    20 drops rosemary essential oil

    20 drops lavender essential oil

    2 Tbs jojoba or olive oil

    1 ½ C epsom salts


    1. Draw a hot bath and add epsom salts to the water, mix until totally dissolved.
    2. In a small bowl, combine jojoba or olive oil with essential oils. Pour into the bath and stir with your arm to spread the oils around.
    3. Hop in and enjoy!

  • Stop snoring with a eucalyptus rub

  • Snoring affects millions of people (and their partners). The problem with snoring is that it can often wake you or your loved ones up. Some people even stop breathing momentarily, causing a major shock to the body and jolting you partially awake.

    One way to alleviate snoring and clear sinuses is to apply a eucalyptus rub before bed. This makes it easier to breathe throughout the night and also reduces tension.


    25 drops eucalyptus essential oil

    ¼ C coconut oil

    ¼ C shea butter


    1. Melt coconut and shea butter together.
    2. Chill and add to an electric mixer. Whip until light and fluffy.
    3. Combine eucalyptus oil and transfer to a small jar.
    4. Store in a cool, dark place and use a generous amount on chest, sinuses and back before bed each night.

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