My grandmother would start this article with something like, a clean home is a happy home or where there’s bleach there’s bliss. I have a bit of a different stance although I do agree with her on the first point, that indeed when your house is clean you just feel better right?

But if you’re interested in essential oils, odds are you’re not interested in using bleach and other toxic chemicals to clean your house. It just isn’t worth the health hazards for you, your family and the environment.

I can only speculate that these nasty common household chemicals are adding to the surge in hormonal disorders and straight up low energy that so many people are plagued by.

The good news is there are plenty of alternative cleaners to replace the conventional ones that get the job done just as well. Not to mention, they smell A LOT better.

Introduction to Cleaning with Essential Oils

As always, it’s important to dilute the oils with either water or a carrier oil. When it comes to creating effective cleaners from scratch there are other natural ingredients that pair well with EO’s. White vinegar, baking soda, borax, witch hazel and castille soap just to name a few.



There are all sorts of things you can make with these simple ingredients including all purpose sprays, wood polish, bathtub scrub, fridge freshener, carpet cleaner and more.

Every essential oil has different uses when it comes to cleaning. I’ll go over a few of the most common ones and their unique benefits.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal making it a potent ingredient in cleaners for the bathroom and any areas prone to mold and mildew. Add tea tree to any air freshener or diffuser in rooms where there’s a mold problem.


Lemon is a lovely oil for freshening up the kitchen particularly. Because of it’s powerful grease cutting abilities as well as the uplifting scent, lemon is great in all-purpose cleaning formulas or air freshener. It’s also a common ingredient in wood polish.


Orange is similar to lemon for its grease cutting abilities. Useful in everything from wood polish to a few drops in the dishwasher detergent for extra grease cutting power, orange has a lovely aroma that uplifts and enhances mood.


Probably the most popular essential oil blend especially for cleaning and getting rid of bad bacteria.

Thieves gets its name from the days of the black plague when the only people who weren’t getting sick were the thieves who devised a protective formula of cloves, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary.

If it’s effective enough to keep the plague at bay you can bet it’s good enough to clean just about every nook and cranny of your home.


Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties make eucalyptus a powerful cleaning agent. The smell might remind you of Vick’s vapor rub but it will get the job done especially as an air freshener during cold and flu season.


Lavender is antibacterial and was used in hospitals throughout all of WWII. It’s a great addition to all-purpose cleaners and air fresheners and works great added to laundry detergent for a pleasant and relaxing scent. I especially like it for cleaning in kids rooms because they can always use an extra dose of calm.


All-Purpose Cleaner


3 C water

½ C white vinegar

1 Tbs castile soap

20 drops Thieves blend

20 drops lemon essential oil


  1. Blend all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well
  2. Use for kitchen and bathroom counters.

Burnt Pan Scrub


½ C baking soda

½ C vinegar

20 drops lemon essential oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a suitably sized container and mix well.
  2. Apply to pots and pans that need extra help to get off burnt or baked on food. Let it sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing off the food with ease.

Produce Wash


3 C water

¼ C white vinegar

10 drops lemon essential oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Use spray on fruits and veggies and rinse off before eating.

Trashcan Fresheners


Regular cotton ball

Tea tree oil


  1. Simply soak the cotton ball in tea tree essential oil and stick it onto the garbage can.




Laundry Detergent


Handful of soap nuts

Muslin bag

20 drops of your favorite essential oil


  1. Add four soap nuts to a muslin bag along with your essential oils.
  2. You can use the soap nuts about 4 times before composting them.

Dryer Sheets


Scraps of old cloth

1 C white vinegar

30 drops lavender essential oil (or any other favorite)


  1. Combine vinegar and essential oils.
  2. Soak scraps of old cloth in the mixture and store in a suitably sized container.
  3. Use one whenever you throw a load of clothes in the dryer. Save your scrap cloth and make them again when you run out.


Deep Cleaning Sink and Bathtub Scrub


½ C baking soda

½ C vinegar

20 drops thieves essential oil

10 drops tea tree essential oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a suitably sized container and mix well.
  2. Apply to bathtub and sink and let it sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing off mildew.

Mildew Eliminator Spray


3 C water

½ C white vinegar

1 Tbs castile soap

30 drops tea tree oil


  1. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Spritz your shower and tub and wipe down whenever you notice build up.

Homemade Poo Pourri




2 oz. water

10 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops grapefruit essential oil

2 Tbs witch hazel


  1. Add all ingredients to a small spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Spray the toilet 4 times before you go.


Citrus Wood Polishing Oil


1 Tbs olive oil

¼ C white vinegar

30 drops orange essential oil


  1. Add all ingredients to a small spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Spray on all wood before dusting and polishing.

Wood Floor Cleaner


¼ C white vinegar

¼ C castile soap

15 drops lemon essential oil

15 drops orange essential oil

1 Gallon jug

Just enough water to leave room for the other ingredients.


  1. Add vinegar, castile soap and essential oils to empty jug.
  2. Add water and shake well.
  3. Use about 1 Cup per one gallon bucket of warm water to every time you want to wash your wooden floors.

Deep Cleaning

Vacuum Refresher



Carpet Spot Cleaner


2 Tbs baking soda

2 Tbs white vinegar

10 drops lemon essential oil


  1. Mix all ingredients together and apply to any stubborn carpet stains.
  2. Let sit for 20 minutes before taking a scrub brush to it.
  3. Rinse spot with clean water and suck up with a wet vacc or simply keep rinsing area with a cloth until all product is gone.

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Why Children Benefit from Essential Oils Just as Much as Adults

Our little ones can benefit just as much from essential oils just as much as we can. For everything from helping them get to sleep faster to soothing sore bellies and providing an additional source of comfort, there are no reasons NOT to us EO’s with our babes.

When you know what works and what doesn’t you can feel confident in your choice to incorporate essential oils in your kids lives. There are a few oils that you should save for the older kids and a few that you’ll always want to have handy in your first-aid kit.

Different Dilutions for Different Ages

Ages 0-2: .1-.5% dilution

Ages 2-6: 1-2% dilution

Ages 6-12: 1.5-3% dilution

1 drop in 1 tsp of carrier oil or water = 1% dilution

1 tsp of oil is equivalent to 100 drops


Focus isn’t exactly high on most kids priority list. With learning disabilities on the rise, it’s more important than ever to give our children all the resources we can find to help them learn better. Essential oils like lemon, orange and grapefruit can all help improve cognitive function and increase focus.

If you’re kids are in school, a really nice subtle method for using the oils would be a roll-on. It’s not obvious in any way and totally easy for older kids to apply themselves.

You can buy roll on bottles for a good price here. For a 10 ml roller bottle you’ll want to use about 3-6 drops for 2-6 year olds and 5-9 drops for 6-15 year olds.


At the end of the day all any parent wants is to just chill. Unfortunately, our kids seldom want the same! Using essential oils to help children relax is an excellent natural strategy to calm everyone’s nerves.

Lavender oil is a staple in any house, but especially when you have kids. A calming mist can be made with lavender and orange oil so that it’s not too sleep inducing but still gets the job done.

Lavender-Orange Relaxation Mist


  • 8 ounces pure water
  • 10 drops lavender oil
  • 1 tsp olive oil


  1. Add all ingredients to a small spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Mist whenever necessary for promoting calm and balance.


Essential oils can promote a deep restful sleep in a number of ways. By using antibacterial oils like lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus in a diffuser you can offer kids a clean environment to help strengthen their immune system while they sleep.

Diffusers make it easy to promote a good sleep because they are quiet and can run for a long period of time for those restless sleepers.

The best oils to diffuse to improve sleep in children are lavender and chamomile. Just a few drops for the very little ones will do to improve sleep quality.

Immune Health

We all know children are notoriously good at picking up every bug that comes their way. The more tools you have in your arsenal to protect your little germ factories, the better. The nature of various essential oils like tea tree, grapefruit and lavender is that they are highly protective against germs, fungus, viruses, and other nasty invaders.

The best ways to get these oils into your kid’s systems is to either apply them topically in a carrier oil, use them in a diffuser around the house or make a spray.


Cuts and Scrapes

Another all too common occurrence with little ones is incessant knicks and scrapes, cuts and bruises. It’s all part of the learning process but you can help speed healing and reduce the likelihood of infection by using certain oils, diluted of course.

Lavender is exceptionally effective for burns. Tea tree oil is best for fighting off fungus, killing annoying warts, and disinfection small cuts and scrapes. Dilute with either water or oil before applying to small wounds.

Hair Detangler

Tangles be gone with this seemingly magical formula.


  • ¼ C water
  • 1 Tbs aloe gel
  • 1 Tbs coconut oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 1 tsp vitamin E oil


  1. Combine ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well.
  2. Apply liberally to wet hair to strengthen, condition and get rid of tangles.

Belly Aches

Those sensitive little tummies need help once in awhile. The best remedy for belly aches and pains is peppermint. Simply add a few drops to a carrier oil and run your little ones belly in a clockwise direction to get things moving and help eliminate gas. Peppermint should only be used on kids older than 6, but a gentle belly massage is good for any age.

Which Oils to Avoid?

There are some oils that should be avoided. We have to remember that as safe as essential oils are, they’re still medicine and can have negative effects if not used safely.

  • Anise
  • Basil
  • Cardamom
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Fennel
  • Garlic
  • Hyssop
  • Lemongrass
  • Marjoram
  • Melissa
  • Oregano
  • Peppermint (under 6)
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Wintergreen
  • Ylang-ylang

What About Babies?


Newborn infants and babies up to 6 months are so tiny and sensitive. They can still benefit from essential oils in small amounts to help soothe and provide comfort and immune support.

Oils that are safe for newborns include lavender, orange, chamomile and lemon.

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